Business Protection

Protection for your loved ones

The most valuable asset to any business is its people and without them, a company’s survival can be put at risk. Business insurance can protect a company financially when its owners or employees are affected by illness or death. Many people imagine arranging business protection to be a long, drawn-out and complicated process. However, this is a common misconception as it can take just as much time to arrange any other form of protection.

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What is business protection?

Business protection can help protect the future of your business. Having business protection in place can help support business owners in ensuring that their business survives during challenging times such as losing a key employee or co-worker to death or critical illness.

The death or critical illness of a key employee or co-worker can significantly impact a business financially, as well as losing key knowledge. But business protection cover can allow your business to continue to thrive during difficult times.

The importance of business protection insurance is often overlooked, but having business protection cover in place can help business owners be prepared for the unexpected, if the worst was to happen to any of their employees.

Business Protection

How does business protection work?

Business protection is an insurance contract that helps protect a business from the financial effects of losing key employees due to being diagnosed with a critical illness or passing away. Exactly how the arrangement is set up will depend on the type of business and its particular needs.

Who can business protection help?

Business protection can benefit partnerships including limited liability partnerships, shareholders, sole traders and key employees. Business protection can be used for a whole host of things: it can be used to ensure the repayment of a business loan in the event of the death or critical illness of a partner, key partner, or sole trader and it can be used to fund a new replacement employee, if necessary – these are just some of the things business protection can help cover against.

Why get business protection?

Business insurance can be highly beneficial as it can safeguard the future of your business against losing a vital employee. However, there are many different types of business protection available and you may not know what is the most suitable type of business protection to go for – but that’s what we are here to help with.

Find out more about business protection

Business protection pays out when you need it to. If you’d like to find out more about business protection insurance, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will help guide you in the right direction.

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